About Us

The revolutionary PV80E came about as the result of more than 50 years’ combined engineering know-how and hands-on experience in the international fuel oils delivery market.

We knew there had to be a better, greener way to stop needless waste and at the same time pass on huge cost savings across the industry.

That’s when we put on our thinking caps.

It’s an overnight success – built on experience gleaned over half a century.

Designer and Founder Trevor Poulter started with a comprehensive review of current service procedures in key markets to try to find potential efficiencies. Two major areas stood out:

  • Existing valves had multiple moving parts together with multiple seals – meaning multiple performance risks and consequential regulatory failure, and;
  • Tens of thousands of valves used just once in each testing cycle are unceremoniously scrapped every year. The environmental impact of this needless waste is hard to quantify.
I was appalled at the staggering amount of waste there is in this industry, due to the premature replacement of valves, both in terms of cash, materials and time, there just had to be a better way.
— Trevor Poulter

Trevor, who has held leadership roles in the fuel oils transport sector for decades, began with desk based designs, before moving on to 3D-printed prototypes at Fairfax3D Design’s base near Leeds.

“It’s a small team: the breakthrough came once we realised we could achieve our goal of reducing the number of dynamic seals to ONE and by the use of sophisticated high technology materials, eradicate corrosion, reduce weight and produce a valve that will last the life of the truck.

“That was the point we just knew we’d hit on a gamechanging product in a sector crying out for a smart solution.”